November 2020

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When you are buying your new home, you are faced with a bewildering array of specs, guidelines, options, and pricing. Some builders take advantage of this, and put in something that LOOKS like what you've come to expect.  One of the substitutions COSTS the builder less, but COSTS you much more in the long run.  Hot water heaters:

 hot water heaters


Notice any differences?  Let's eliminate the tankless and the small units (more for offices), and show just 2 options:

electric and n.gas tanks

They LOOK almost identical.  The biggest difference is one is ELECTRIC and the other is NATURAL GAS.  If you aren't paying attention, you won't notice the lack of exhaust or the missing gas line on the electric.

The electric one is cheaper to buy (Rheem 40 Gal electric is $448 @ Home

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I wanted to explore a little more the FINANCIAL ramifications that Slokker's redevelopment of Lakeside Greens COULD have on the people living in the area.  Short answer, likely a $39 000 price plunge; could be as high as $61 000.  OUCH.

Lakeside Greens golf course in Chestermere is partnering with Slokker to redevelop the course. Essentially fairways to townhomes. IF the city agrees, the price plunge could cost families an average of $39 000 per house (or MORE).

I want to emphasize that the redevelopment is NOT approved by Chestermere, and active community involvement will help craft the guidelines under which council approves any redevelopment, and the final plans.  I encourage anyone in the area to become active in this matter.  Too much

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