Matthew Dekort | Associate

Whether you are buying or selling a home, you are the client and the experience should be exciting, fun, professional and stress-free. I will help you clearly define all your real estate goals and help you achieve them.

 I hope to add extra value by sharing my expert knowledge. Licensed as an agent since 1999, I grew up into the industry, having watched my father build and sell hundreds of homes, since kindergarten.  Essentially it got into my blood. I am also a self professed real estate "geek", more than willing to educate you building technology, history of the various areas, and apply this extra knowledge to help you find the best home for your family.

My education / knowledge / skills can be thought as of 3 overlapping arcs.  The formal side includes being a "geek" in High School, and I continued to be a "geek" in University, where I studied Business with a focus on Marketing (graduating Beta Gamma Sigma, top 10% of all B.Comm graduates).  Between 1st and 2nd year at University is when I took the Real Estate 1000 course (more formal education; 1997 / 1998).

 While my experience as a licensed agent started in 1999, again, during my university days, in many ways, I started much earlier. I have memories of visiting Dad at his real estate office from when I was roughly 4 or 5 years old. As my computer skills exceeded my parents by junior high, I did some of his real estate computer work. I've been licensed for 2+ decades, but, it's literally in my blood.

 The last arc of my education / knowledge concerns building science. My father has been a General Contractor since the early 1980s (in addition to being an agent), building over a hundred homes in that time period. He had no issues with telling me to pickup a hammer, and learn something every summer.  From picking up garbage to building a deck. I've since honed those skills, having renovated homes, and on several of my personal rentals.

 I enjoy bringing the full depth of my knowledge and experience, to help clients truly learn about homes, aiding their search for their best home.

 I look forward to helping you.