Your OWN Website

We will typically create your own website just for the use in marketing your home. By doing so, we can craft the best possible presentation of your property, with embedded virtual tours, photo gallery, mapping, and much more.  Most of our marketing (, print ads, online ads, text2look, etc) will refer and link back to this site, making it a key piece of our advertising.


URL / Website name will be unique to YOU and your property. We have used,,, or sometimes just

Keep a common theme and navigation common to all of my pages. Easier for people to search.

A quick map to the area, just to ensure the visitor knows the area

Basic house information

A photogallery, typically with 20 pictures, but capable of being expanded to HUNDREDS if needed.



A virtual tour of selected rooms. Not all rooms are capable of being displayed nicely with a SINGLE image. Let buyers pan, scroll, zoom. Truly interactive.

Walkscore, a method of showing the buyers how convenient your home is, and how close the nearest stores (like Tim Horton's) are.


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written by Matthew Dekort