Sign Toppers / Text To Look

Inquiries via smartphones: these sign topper allow for information to be relayed DIRECTLY to a potential buyer's phone.  We are able to track who requests the information, and can contact them back later.  In this fashion we are able to change a passerby who is merely curious into a potential buyer. Also, it does happen that a serious buyer is out with a realtor and as they pass by your home, they inquire: "what is that home priced at? how many bedrooms? what size?".  By instantly getting this information to everyone in the car, they can then act on it, and call us for a showing.

Why this works: many people do not want to "bother" someone else.  If they are able to get information INSTANTLY, EASILY and without bothering anyone, it increases the chances of them taking action. The more inquiries, the greater our chances of a sale.

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written by Matthew Dekort