Custom Feature Cards

Created for YOUR home, for THAT unique feature that your home has. We do not assume that the buying public NOR the other realtor knows or will notice the special features you have. We tell them.

  Usually I tuck these cards behind a light switch. No tape/glue means no ruined paint later.

We fondly refer to these custom feature cards as our "Silent Salespeople", always there, tucked behind a handy light switch, telling buyers about the features in that area of the home.  Depending on the upgrades/size of the property, we typically make about one or two dozen cards. I find that when people write down something, it carries more meaning than if it was verbally said. These cards DO make a difference.

In theory, we should be able to trust the showing realtor to see the features and explain these items to the buyer clients without these cards. However, you would be sadly mistaken about the level of product knowledge the average realtor possesses. During our real estate training we had ONE day of product training.  ONE day. We are responsible for helping clients purchase the biggest asset of their lives and we receive ONE day of product knowledge. Many realtors pick up some in the process, but few really become proficient. I am unwilling to trust others product knowledge; WE are the experts on your property, let's show them the upgrades/features.


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written by Matthew Dekort