Selling Your Home

You've made the decision to move, now what? What is the right price? How to best market the home? Should we fix the place up first? What is staging? So, many questions.


A home that isn't properly repaired will often fall under the category of "handy-man special". Discerning buyers will compare properties and will purchase the one that has the best value to them. Many of these buyers will automatically dismiss homes that need ANY work, as they either are too busy to do the work, don't know how to do the work, don't want the disruption to their lives, or lack the financial capability (all of their money NEEDS to go towards the downpayment). If a buyer is going to make an offer on a home that need even minor work, they'll ensure that the offer more than reflects the value of the work that needs to be done.

I have been very fortunate to have some first hand experience with fixing homes, and will be happy to direct clients (towards excellent contractors, suiteable products, and how-to as well).

Right Price

Buyers will usually make an offer on the best priced listing. Seller clients who overprice their home, usually with the intention of being negotiated down, will often not get the offer. The buyer will likely make the offer on the better property (and likely still try and negotiate down). I'll be your guide to finding the right value, using several different valuation tools and techniques.


Staging is the art of professionally preparing a home for sale, createing a visual impression that is instantly appealing. To really appreciate the difference a properly staged home can have, you NEED to review some of the before/after images. I recommend that all my clients consider staging.


Finally, we've oiled the creaky door hinge, moved around the furniture, and decided on the right price. How does Matthew Dekort market the home?

In today's technology savvy world, an ever increasing amount of purchasers will go online before stepping into a home. And we should have your home where they'll find it.

In addition to the MLS service that my fellow real estate agents will use, the listing will be on, as well as,, and my personal site (which you are currently on) Most distinctly though, I'll create your own website address to help market your home. The other websites will link to, where I can put LOTS of extra pictures, virtual tours, etc.

For a full description of what I do, read my marketing page.


written by Matthew Dekort