Marketing Exposure

The greater the exposure, the more likely a home is to sell. All realtors use (automatically uploaded, no extra work involved), pound a For Sale sign in the ground, some use newspaper ads, CREN ads, and other real estate magazines; but how do you ensure your home stands out from the crowd? In todays tech savy world, we need to turn to technology as well.

Your Own Website

80% of all buyers use the internet at some point in the home-buying process. While many realtors have some type of website, listings tend to get lost amid the clutter. Solution: create unique websites for each listing (see listings page for examples) with their own address as the URL. This is linked to, often with mapping, photo galleries, downloadable (and printable) feature sheets, slideshow, and immersive photography. In addition to, your own website, you'll also be promoted on,, and The more involved the client is online, the more likely they will be to call for a viewing. Viewings = potential offers.

During the Showing

Everything is done to maximize the showing. I will have aided you in staging the property (click here for more staging). We'll have showcase cards that I like to call my "Silent Salespeople". These cards will help to draw attention to features that could be easily overlooked, and will educate everyone about both the property's features AND the benefit. After the showing is complete, we'll also ask for any feedback in the hopes of making the next showing that much better.


  1. Websites:,,,, and your own
  2. Offering (online mapping), photogallery, slideshow, immersive photography.
  3. For Sale Sign
  4. Staging
  5. Silent Salespeople
  6. Feedback
  7. MLS and realtor showings
  8. Gloss Feature Sheets

written by Matthew Dekort