Information Junkies


I have to admit it. I'm a junkie. A information junkie AND I urge you to be one as well when it comes to your home. It is not pleasant to be "left in the dark" when it comes to the market activity in your area.


During the listing process we will typically get your email address and setup a search profile on our computer of competing homes in the area. Only the BEST homes sell and I want to know about all of the homes that COULD affect us. If a competitor lowers their price, we should know. A new listing comes available, we should know. It lets us ensure that we remain competitively priced.

The system will also email SOLD properties, with what they actually sold for. Information is power; let us empower you.

After the sales process is complete, we'll also setup a monthly email showcasing the market activity (actives, solds) in your area, for your review. Free of charge.  If you want, you can also sign up for my Market Watch  here.

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written by Matthew Dekort