Fixing the Home

Sellers often ask, should we fix the leaky tap? Or the dishwasher that no longer works. Or replace missing fence boards. Or. Or. Or.  The usual answer is that:

"A buyer will discount the offer by MORE than the cost to CURE"

Which means, YES, fix the place up. The buyer will wonder if the tap leaks, why you haven't fixed it already? And, if, you've let the tap go, what other deferred maintenance headaches is he inheriting as well. If the home looks clean, functions well, and there is no glaring issues, many buyer make the assumption that you've looked after the place.  This trust is our to lose by having defects.

Leaky tap? 50 cent.  Dirty rugs? Rented rug doctor, $40. Broken dishwasher? <$100 kijiji. Questionable furnace? Clean it and new filters (gives an impression of care). Cracked/peeling paint? $50 and one afternoon well spent.

For the BIGGER fixes, those that aren't an afternoon project for the DIY, we use our extensive list of trades for their professional help.

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written by Matthew Dekort