Although I consider myself to be a one-stop shop for just about ANY real estate related matter, sometimes it's nice to know about some of the organizations, legislative bodies, financing, property inspectors and daily life in Alberta that affects our real estate efforts.

Mortgage Insurance

CMHC: Crown corporation that aids the mortgage industry by providing mortgage insurance. Other corporations followed since into the market. Does the vast majority of insured mortgages in Canada.

Genworth: The second largest mortgage insurer in Canada. Although their policies are SIMILAR to CMHC, sometimes they will finance a property that CMHC won't (and vice versa).

Newest entrant to mortgage insurance. Does not yet have nearly the market presence of the 2 dominant insurers.

Associations - local, provincial, national

Calgary Real Estate Board: Our local association. Provides much of our training, technical support, and most of our day-to-day services.

Alberta Real Estate Association: The provincial association lobbies the government and creates/approves of much of our education training.

Real Estate Council of Alberta: Real estate in Alberta is a self regulated industry. RECA is tasked with much of the regulatory responsibility and framework.

Canadian Real Estate Association: CREA lobbies, educates, and provides national services (including

Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association: The mortgage brokers also fall under the regulatory oversight of RECA. All mortgage brokers MUST belong and conform to AMBA standards.

Property Inspectors: Property inspectors are not YET provincially licensed, but a few professional organizations exist that ensure a minimum level of competetancy for it's members.

Alberta/BC Real Estate

If you want to move beyond Calgary & area, I will likely advise you to talk to a fellow associate that I'll recommend. I believe that you deserve the best possible service, which I would be unable to provide in some locations (moving to Invermere?)

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There are a slew of sites that could be listed here, depending on where you want to live.

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written by Matthew Dekort