I firmly believe that all an educated client is a better client. Better able to make informed decision about what is likely the largest investment in their lives. I encourage all prospective clients to schedule an appointment with me and I'll sit down and explain any/all questions (no obligations). Continueing my educational initiative online, I'm going to use my blog to write educational pieces, updated foreclosure list, tweets, links, and a grow-op map (to the best of my knowledge, the only map of grow-ops available + ability to find the closest grow-op to your home).

Grow Op Map To Calgary Twitter Feed on Right Side, Most Pages
Blog - Wordpress Foreclosures
First blog entry written about home inspectors (Feb 2011); add about a blog entry weekly. Will become a searchable educational resource.

Foreclose list is updated every 2 weeks; 4 searches:

  1. homes in Calgary
  2. condos in Calgary
  3. towns around Calgary
  4. acreages/land-rural
Links Mortgage Rates
Links to the various associations involved and other offices. Provided and updated automatically through a trusted mortgage broker.





written by Matthew Dekort