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Financing is one of the most difficult aspects of buying a home for many buyers. Low (or no) downpayment, credit difficulty, and problematic income (self employed, commissions, etc) are all common issues amongst buyers. Although the financing options have changed as of Oct 15, 2008, there still exists several low down mortgage options. Additionally, the option of amortization over 35 years does help make the mortgage as affordable as possible. Several lenders have also re-opened their "B" lending to aid those with impaired credit.

Given the unprecedented turmoil in the world markets (fall of commodities, volatile stock market, tightening credit conditions), the usefulness of a good mortgage broker during this process cannot be overstated. They know what the different institutions are looking for and are a big help in securing a mortgage. Although there are lots of mortgage brokers, not all of them are "good". You can rest assured that the broker who I select to help you will be a very good one. By submitting the form on the following page, it will ensure that when the mortgage broker contacts you, they are more fully prepared.

Filling out this information is completely voluntary and optional. If you feel more comfortable in talking first, please call.. We'll discuss your situation and determine what the best course of action is. Otherwise, fill out the following form, and I'll ensure a trusted mortgage broker will be in contact soon.

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written by Matthew Dekort