Mortgage Calculators

There are various financial calculators (either online, downloadable, or built into physical calculator) that are able to calculate a mortgage. Below, you'll see three great options. A quick calculator, a downloadable Excel version, and a full calculator that can produce the amortization schedule for you. All three work great.

I highly recommend using a qualified mortgage professional. The accuracy of these calculators and its applicability to your circumstances is not guaranteed. You should obtain advice from a qualified professional before relying on it.

Cautionary Word: calculators on SOME sites are not Canadian; Canadian law specifies a different calculation (compounded semi-annually) that most sites/calculator do not do. If you don't use one of these below, ensure that your chosen calculator is CANADIAN.

Basic Mortgage Calculator:

Loan Amount: $
Interest Rate: %
Loan Term: years

Downloadable Mortgage Calculator:

Here is an Excel version, capable of doing many of the financial functions you might want. The advantage of Excel spreadsheets is that you can then graph the data, or use it in other budgeting.

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Advanced Mortgage Calculator:


written by Matthew Dekort