Grow Ops

Below I have mapped OVER 900 grow ops (updated till Feb 1, 2013), in all areas of Calgary. Sellers MUST disclose if their home is a "stigmatized property", but I personally like to check for myself. All of this information was/is public knowledge (courtesy of Calgary Health Region), but few people look. Of primary concern is the more recent grow ops, many of the older ones have been remediated and are no longer "active". After a few years, the Health Region no longer keeps the property on the database, allowing people to unwittingly move into a former drug home (albiet, remediated).

View Calgary Grow Ops in a full screen map

I have also created an KML file for use with Google Earth.

I'll be happy to review some of my concerns (health as well as realty risk when reselling such a property), as well as point you towards other great informational sources.

This mapping includes data from 2004 - March 2012. The Health Region's oldest property now reporting is from 2009.


written by Matthew Dekort