Foreclosures in Calgary

One of the most common property types that buyers are interested in are bank foreclosures. The two links below will provide all of the bank foreclosures (and corporate relocations) in Calgary; one search for condos and another for homes. Some bank foreclosures CAN be a terrific investment, and I'd be happy to review with you if any of these meet your investment criteria. I've helped a few clients get amazing deals; however, bank foreclosures are not without some added headaches.

These headaches include "As-is, Where-is" statements, essentially meaning that we get the home in what condition, with whatever is in it upon posession. The bank is under no obligation to provide a Real Property Report (replaces the old Survey Certificate; essentially a map to the property, proving that things are where they are supposed to be), no documents (no condo docs OR estopel), appliances are never included (we inherit them if they are there upon possession), water is often turned off (limiting the home inspectors ability to fully inspect the home), and they are unable to provide the home's history (beyond if it was involved in a grow-op). But, they can be GREAT investment.


written by Matthew Dekort