Buying a property can be exciting, full of promises and aspirations that your new home (or revenue property) will meet all of your needs. However, the buying process itself is also intimidating as you'll likely spend more money than you ever have before.

I believe that today's buyers are more informed, knowledgeable, and a better consumer than ever before. I also see my role partially as consultant/educator and a knowledge broker.

With custom online house searches, a collaborative interface, and secure communication through my client web page. The ability to log in, view new listings that meet your criteria, rate the listings (potential, reject, favorite), view my home recommendations is cutting edge technology.

If you wish just to take a look, I have a guest account setup. Click here to access the login screen (or login top right on the links above). Use as the login and guest as the password. I'd be pleased to use a similar page to help you. There are a few basic searches saved; experiment, have fun.

Also, of special interest to me, is first time buyers. I acknowledge that they need extra guidance and that their needs differ slightly. If you fall into this category and don't know where to start, click here.

I've added some additional resources to help buyers, specifically my Mortgage 101 section (Types of Mortgages and a mortgage calculator), an online form to forward to preferred mortgage brokers for mortgage pre-approval purposes and the current interest rates.


written by Matthew Dekort